17 Day Itinerary

Our walk begins in St. Bee's on the West Coast of Great Britain at the Irish Sea. Almost 200 miles later, we will find ourselves at the North Sea in Robin Hood's Bay.

Day 1 - Moor Row, 9 miles The Jasmine House
Day 2 - Ennerdale, 8 miles Low Cock How Farm
Day 3 - Seatoller, 14 miles Seatoller Farm
Day 4 - Grasmere, 10.5 miles Town Head Farm
Day 5 - Patterdale, 7.5 miles Grisdale Lodge
Day 6 - Shap, 16 miles Brookfield House
Day 7 - Orton, 8 miles The Westons
Day 8 - Kirby Stephen, 13.5 miles The Black Bull
Day 9 - Keld, 14 miles Keld Lodge
Day 10 - Richmond, 14 miles The Old Brewery
Day 11 - Danby-Wiske, 14 miles Old School House
Day 12 - Osmotherly, 12 miles 32 South End
Day 13 - Clay Bank Top, 11 miles The Maltkiln House
Day 14 - Blakley Ridge, 8.5 miles The Sevenford House
Day 15 - Grosmont, 14 miles The Station Inn
Day 16 - Robin Hood's Bay, 16 miles The Raven House

Of course, these distances don't account for getting lost and doubling back a few times, avoiding an aggressive herd of heifers or navigating the moors.... or wandering off in search of a pint.

Friday, June 29, 2012

We Did It!!!

I hate to ruin a surprise but....we made it to Robin Hood's Bay a day early!!!!  We arrived yesterday afternoon (June 28th) and even though I was grinning like a mad man and so proud of what we'd accomplished, Lauren was quietly annoyed at my child-like excitement.  Then it occurred to me that we hadn't eaten since breakfast, which was only toast, and that was before 9am.  By 3pm, I had an angry elf on my hands.  Once properly fed, she was happier and we wet our boots in the chilly waters of the North Sea.  We threw the rocks that we've carried since St Bee's and I felt more than a huge sense of accomplishment.

We walked from one coast of Britain to the other!!!  We walked about 200 miles in 16 days and we bought the Tshirts to announce it to the world.

Since we have an extra day on our hands, we plan to check out all of the shops here this am and then hop a bus to nearby Whitby (another seaside fishing town) where there's a Goth Festival all weekend.  Dracula events and such.  Right up our alley.

I'll continue to update each day's walk but I was just too excited about our arrival to keep it a secret!!


  1. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You and Lauren are my heros. You should be so proud of yourselves cause I know I am. I still do await the rest of your daily logs. Can't wait to hear what happens with the dwarf :)

  2. Woo Hoo! Congratulations Pattie & Lauren!